Chain customer service

Since estabilishment we have been providing services to chain customers of such a industries as: food, electronics, clothing, jewelry, banking and many others. We have been trusted by networks such as IKEA, Vox, Intermarche, TUI, Itaka, Pitbull and many more. As a responsible partner, for over 20 years we have been offering suporting services for succesfull development of network businesses. We design, manufacture and install elements of visual communication, signage, decorations and furniture equipment both outside and inside the facilities.

We are familiar with rebranding and remodeling campaigns carried out at an unbelievable pace, coordinated throughout the country. We also know-how to meet the strict requirements of hopping malls.

We also support our clients after big opening of their branches. We regularly deliver promotional graphics, POS elements, and recently also hygienic anti-virus covers.